Welcome to our new head office in Bochum!
Rapid growth of the company with exponential national and international development.
Power CUTTER 200 The highly versatile milling robot, way ahead of its time.
Headquarter with immense potential, excellent deliverability.
Storage and production area with huge capacity and a transparent insight into the production process.
Individual vehicle conversion, taking into account the customer´s needs.
Power CUTTER 150 The profitable alternative.

I.S.T. - Your Accomplished Partner in Sewer Rehabilitation!

I.S.T. GmbH, based at the heart of the Ruhr River Valley in Bochum, Germany is one of the most successful and innovative comprehensive suppliers for pipe and sewer rehabilitation in the world. The quickly-growing business was founded in 1998 by its current Director, Jörg Vogt. The company, now operating worldwide, is a manufacturer as well as dealer of various successful sewer rehabilitation products.

Several milling robot models, for pipes ranging in diameter from Ø 100 to Ø 700 mm and sold under the Power CUTTER brand name, as well as mobile Steam and Hot Water Units (Power STEAM / Power BOX)for the curing of liners, are assembled at our works in Bochum.

For some time now, our internationally-recognized Strobel System for the rehabilitation of damaged side connections via the grouting of a special mineral-based mortar, has been manufactured at our headquarters.

Similarly, we produce various consumables such as Felt Top Heads for "Joint Rehabilitation" in quantity at our works in Bochum. Several Felt Liners are mass produced here as well.

Numerous service and repair functions are likewise carried out at our service centre adjacent to the I.S.T. GmbH headquarters. Nowadays, we even have the capacity to bring products originating from other manufacturers back into working condition.

The Service centre guarantees our customers reduced downtime and, thereby, utmost efficiency when working with our equipment. Should a longer time be required for a repair nonetheless, we set aside equipment for a great many of our products to loan out for the duration of the repair. Extra units are made available to provide our customers coverage during peak periods of rehabilitation work as well.

Our Spot Repair System is among the most successful products in Europe and has recently been certified by the German Institute of Construction Technology (DIBt). This system, the most popular of the past few years, has garnered outstanding results from numerous test reports.

By obtaining exclusive rights worldwide to sell the excellent products of the company seal-tec®GmbH worldwide, I.S.T. has taken another great step forward in 2005 towards becoming a fully "complete provider" of products in the sewer rehabilitation industry.

In addition, many custom requests (for special sizes of liners and felt Top Hats in particular) can be fulfilled "just in time" for our customers.A warehouse capacity of roughly 2000 m2 allows us to permanently stockpile the most important consumable materials so as to ensure immediate delivery to our customers.

Comprehensive training in our products and technology as well as support on customer on site is, as a matter of course, of great importance to us.

It is our goal to serve our customers so as to retain their full satisfaction every day while drawing new customers to our side through the quality of our Products and Service.

Come and see for yourself! We are sure that you will be convinced!

Dipl.-Ing. Jörg Vogt, CEO