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I.S.T. LINER – Calibration Hoses/Preliner

The I.S.T. LINER Calibration Hoses System currently comprises four partly reinforced tubes (Mediumtube, Mediumtube HOT, Heavytube and Thermotube).

  • Calibration tubes, partly reinforced.
  • Size: DN 60 - DN 600
  • Weight: 1.23/1,41/1.70/2.10 oz/ft2
  • Temperature resistance: approx. 176 °F



Mediumtube purple

The soft calibration hose that can handle any curve, with a soldered seam. Because of the soft coating, temperatures up to 50 °C / 122 °F are no problem. This calibration hose is especially popular for the smallest nominal widths of 60 mm / 2.36" and up. 

Mediumtube orange

The orange model with a triple-secured seam makes this calibration hose a durable, reliable product for every standard task. Temperatures can go up as high as 70 °C / 158 °F.

Thermotube blue

The triple seam and the mesh incorporated into the center make the blue Thermotube a durable calibration hose. It is the first choice for steam curing as well as for hot-water curing. It can run through curves of up to 87°.


The soldered seam and high PVC percentage by weight make this calibration hose a very cost-effective product for longer lines. The calibration hose is designed for larger nominal widths of 150 mm and up. 


A durable calibration hose for adverse conditions. The soldered seam allows for curing at up to 70 °C / 158 °F.

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