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Rapid growth of the company with exponential national and international development.
Power CUTTER 200 The highly versatile milling robot, way ahead of its time.
Headquarter with immense potential, excellent deliverability.
Storage and production area with huge capacity and a transparent insight into the production process.
Individual vehicle conversion, taking into account the customer´s needs.
Power CUTTER 150 The profitable alternative.

I.S.T. LINER – Easy POX Resins

The Easy POX products are solvent-free, unfilled and pigmented epoxy resins based two component reaction plastic.

In addition to outstanding product qualities, our reaction resins provide versatility, practice orientation and variability, which means that they have all the characteristics to meet the requirements at the different construction sites and the individual processing company requirement.

I.S.T. LINER – Easy POX 1504

I.S.T. LINER – Easy POX 3008

I.S.T. LINER – Easy POX 4514

I.S.T. LINER – Easy POX 6024

Easy LINER - Easy POX 9030

I.S.T. LINER – Easy POX T 0530

I.S.T. LINER – Easy POX T 0880

Resin Amounts

Curing Table