Welcome to our new head office in Bochum!
Rapid growth of the company with exponential national and international development.
Power CUTTER 200 The highly versatile milling robot, way ahead of its time.
Headquarter with immense potential, excellent deliverability.
Storage and production area with huge capacity and a transparent insight into the production process.
Individual vehicle conversion, taking into account the customer´s needs.
Power CUTTER 150 The profitable alternative.

Easy PUR – Multi-Component Resin

The better resin for the Spot Repair!

Easy PUR is a silicate based resin developed especially for sewer rehabilitation. It adheres exceptionally well to damp surfaces, withstands aggressive waters and does not foam.


  • impregnates fibre glass mats (Advantex®) and polyester fleeces well
  • adheres to moist surfaces especially glazed stone ware
  • does not foam, even in the presence of water
  • cures well and fast even in thin layers
  • can easily be demoulded
  • exceptional physical and chemical properties
  • has high resistance to aggressive water, acids as well as alkaline brines, does not hydrolyse




Easy PUR – Chemical Properties

The exceptional physical and chemical properties.

Easy PUR 2K Summer

Easy PUR 2K Winter

Easy PUR 2K Fast