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Easy TOP HAT – Hats and Resins

The caps used in Easy TOP HAT systems are made in-house by trained I.S.T. specialists.

They come in various offset angles, which guarantees optimal renovation results. The caps are available in various materials like polyester needle felt – with or without a coating or Advantex glass material – in order to account for the specific circumstances and wishes of the customer or specialist installer, as well as to meet structural requirements. Customers can also choose from various designs when it comes to the length of the TOP HAT cap, which ensures the ideal solution for each object. We have many of the common cap models in stock; otherwise, customers’ requests are implemented as quickly as technically possible.

The resin used to permeate the caps is Easy PUR silicate resin, which is available with various can times and has proven to be very successful. Alternatively, the very fast-reacting epoxy resin Easy POX 1504 can also be used; various expert reports and test results are available for both reaction resins.

Our reaction resins:

Easy TOP HAT Resin Requirements

Compare the Resin Requirements depending on the Top Hat length