Welcome to our new head office in Bochum!
Rapid growth of the company with exponential national and international development.
Power CUTTER 200 The highly versatile milling robot, way ahead of its time.
Headquarter with immense potential, excellent deliverability.
Storage and production area with huge capacity and a transparent insight into the production process.
Individual vehicle conversion, taking into account the customer´s needs.
Power CUTTER 150 The profitable alternative.

Power CUTTER 150

The profitable alternative.

Despite the investment-friendly price, this milling robot has inherited many technical genes from its big brother Power Cutter 200 and can be operated with the same controller/hose package. No external supply lines on robot.

  • Sensor monitoring
  • Remote maintenance module
  • Speed control
  • Proportional control
  • 4 degrees of freedom
  • Integrated front camera




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Feature Overview

Screw connections for strain release

Robot Arm

  • Elevation/ raise movement of 3.15"
  • Endles circles without stopper
  • Air motor / milling head manually adjustable
  • Sensor monitoring for pressure and moisture

Unusually strong air motor


  • Streamlined design
  • Powerful carriage drive
  • Integrated hydraulic device to raise the arm
  • Inner supply lines
  • Tilt measurement

4 degrees of freedom

  • Robot arm upwards lifting and downwards lowering
  • Robot arm circles left and right
  • Forwards and reverse movement
  • Pivoting the tool receptacle manually forward and backward

Front Camera

  • High-resolution CCD camera
  • High-powered lens/LED lighting
  • Pressurised





  • Robust tubular steel frame with rotary opening for air/water hose, manual winding.
  • Equipped with 328/656 ft. twin hose.

Technical Data: Robot

Operating range: DN 150 - DN 225
Total length: 29.53"
Arm length: 7.87"
Circumference Ø: 4.13"
Weight: 44.1 - 55.12 lb. (depends on specs)

Technical Data: Air Motor

Label: ECO-Line
Power: 860 W
Revs: 18.000 rpm
Torque: 4 Nm
Air consumption: 277.38 gal/min
Dimensions: Ø 2.32" / H: 3.35"

Universal Base

Complete solution for provision of all necessary media with integrated air connection, electricity and water supply including crane system. Very quickly mounted and dismounted incl. the control panel.

Universal Base-front side
Universal Base-rear side
Control Panel

Technical modifications reserved.