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Power CUTTER 200 The highly versatile milling robot, way ahead of its time.
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Power CUTTER 200

The highly versatile milling robot, way ahead of its time.

This robot has functional design with no supply lines to the apparatus; the endless circles of the robot’s arm are without end stop. In addition, the PC 200 visualises the arm position and has a CAN-Bus control.

  • No external supply lines on robot
  • Sensor monitoring
  • Remote maintenance module
  • Speed control
  • Proportional control with saving of milling position and arm setting.
  • Main camera can be modified to front camera.
  • Zero position of all moved axes (reset button)

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Feature Overview

Screw connections for strain release

Connection possibility for additional components 

Rear Camera

  • CCD camera
  • High-resolution wide-angle lens
  • LED lighting
  • Pressurised


  • Streamlined design
  • Powerful carriage drive
  • Integrated hydraulic device to raise the arm and swivel the milling tool.
  • Inner supply lines
  • Tilt measurement

Front Camera

  • High-resolution CCD camera
  • High-powered lens/LED lighting
  • Big swivel range (200°)
  • Swivel movement / electr. focus
  • Pressurised
  • Profi-Version with 10x optical zoom

4 degrees of freedom

  • Robot arm upwards lifting and downwards lowering
  • Robot arm circles left and right
  • Forward and reverse movement
  • Pivoting the tool receptacle forward and backward

Robot Arm

  • 90° upwards lifting, 20° downwards lowering
  • Endless circles without stopper
  • Air motor / milling head swivels 15% over vertical axis
  • Sensor monitoring for pressure, moisture and arm angle

Technical Data: Robot

Operating range: DN 200 - DN 700
Total length: 37.4"
Arm length: 11.8"
Circumference Ø: 5.51"
Weight: 143.3 - 198.42 lb. (depends on specs)

Technical modifications reserved.

Mechanical features of the system

No supply lines on the body!

  • No airhose of the airmotor.
  • No waterhose for the camera cleaning device.
  • No hydraulic lines on the body.
  • No cables for the camera on thge body.

⇒ This design allows an endless circling without stop.

⇒ No damages on supply lines, hoses, airmotor and camera.

Electronical features of the system

Electronical Monitoring

  • Sonsory monitoring of the arm.
  • Pressure sensor in the crawler.
  • Temperature sensor in the crawler.
  • Humidity sensor in the crawler.
  • Integrated inclination sensor.



  • Sure data transfer between the controller and the connected components.
  • CAN-Bus allows a modular structure.
  • Easy integration of additional components in the system.



  • Display the angle of the arm.
  • Display pressure, temperature and humidity in the crawler.
  • Display the inclination.


Control system

The sensory monitoring is a highlight which offers a lot of advantages in practice.
Inclination sensors find out the axial and radial inclination of the crawler, sensors observe the pressure and the humidity in the crawler and special sensors observe the arm position and the angle of the arm.

Advantages of the control system:

  • Universal power supply 115 V/ 230 V
  • Compact design (19" Housing, Height 3HE)
  • External control panel with display
  • Communication via CAN-Bus
  • All motions controlled via Joysticks
  • Switchable video in- and output
  • Visualization of the parameters
  • Display the inclination
  • Storage and restore the parameters
  • Weight approx. 8 kg

Supply Engineering

Cable drum

  • Power supply 115 V/ 230 V
  • 140 m special cablel; elastic limit over 400 kg
  • 220 m special cable; elastic limit over 400 kg
  • Automatic winding and unwinding
  • Automatic guided cable during winding/ unwinding
  • Integrated distance display
  • Adjustment of the cable force
  • Adjustment of the cable speed
  • Manual reeling of the cable possible
  • Weight approx. 39 kg

Water/ airhose reel

  • 328 ft. Twin-hose for air- and water supply
  • Manual reeling
  • Rotating joint for air and water
  • Solid steel frame
  • The hose is up to 656 ft. extendable
  • Weight approx. 56 kg

Air Motors


  • Power: 1,400 W
  • Revs: 4,300 rpm
  • Torque: 12.2 Nm
  • Air consumption: 435.88 gal/min
  • Dimensions: Ø 2.32" / H: 6.5"


  • Power: 1.200 W
  • Revs: 10.800 rpm
  • Torque: 5,5 Nm
  • Air consumption: 396.26 gal/min
  • Dimensions: Ø 2.32" / H: 4.92"


  • Power: 860 W
  • Revs: 18.000 rpm
  • Torque: 4 Nm
  • Air consumption: 277.38 gal/min
  • Dimensions: Ø 2.32" / H: 3.35"


Diamond milling heads

Application: Mineralic materials such as concrete and clay pipes.
Can be used in a limited processing for cast iron material.

Epulo-milling heads

Application: All not-metallic materials such as plastics, liner materials and roots.
The Epulo-milling heads must not be used for materials such as steel and not for cast iron!

Universal Base

Complete solution for provision of all necessary media with integrated air connection, electricity and water supply including crane system. Very quickly mounted and dismounted incl. the control panel.

Universal Base-front side
Universal Base-rear side
Control Panel

Technical modifications reserved.