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Liner Curing Equipment

For the curing of Liners brought into pipes we offer three different systems.

UV Curing Systems: The Power LIGHT UV systems are based on the latest technology.

The recording of all relevant curing data is just as important as the use of high quality components from leading manufacturers.

Various control concepts (mobile or fixed), cable lengths (up to 320 m), UV light sources in various sizes (DN 80 to DN 1600) and power levels (400 to 2000 watts) as well as UV curing cameras etc. can be individually adapted to the respective requirements.

Especially the individual vehicle conversions offer maximum independence from external energy sources, enable optimised and user-friendly work processes and thus achieve a very high efficiency.

We offer various Water Units to cure Liners brought into non-accessible pipes. Our compact Power BOX for the rehabilitation of house connections is admired by many customers both in and outside of Germany due to its simple operation and the high performance it provides from such a modest frame.

For larger (i.e. greater than Ø 9.84") sewers, we offer (upon request) complete-built vehicles with Water-Heating Systems up to 1341 hp in capacity.

The top seller in the last few years, however, has been our Power STEAM Steam Units in all different capacities. The advantage of steam curing lay on one hand in the great time savings (20% of the time required for water curing, at most), on the other hand in the simplicity of the curing (e.g. styrene in the process water is of no concern) and, thirdly, in the better quality of the resulting product for epoxy-impregnated liners (due to better interlacing of the resin molecules in temperatures exceeding + 100 °C [+ 212 °F]).

Last but not least, it is possible to use our steam or UV light unitsto cure the factory-impregnated fibreglass Liners, by utilizing the semi- or fully-automated process control integrated into the system. Because of this great variety of applications, the user is clearly given considerable competitive advantages.

Power LIGHT UV-Units

Power STEAM Steam Units