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Easy Top Hat Joint Rehabilitation


A matured and practical orientated process for the rehabilitation of lateral connections:

  • The rehabilitation of various size house connections with 45°, 70° and 0°-bends all possible with the same top hat-bladder!
  • Only one packer needed for the rehabilitation of various lateralconnections, ranging from DN 100 to DN 225 through changing just the top hat bladder.
  • Applicable in the dimensions DN 100 to DN 600.
  • We possess a long term system experience.
  • We produce our own top hat packers, bladders and felt hats.
  • Ideally used in combination with our silicate resin Easy Pur.

Easy Top Hat System

Easy Top Hat - the very reasonable lateral rehabilitation

The prooven system for the rehabilitation of damaged pipe connections was introduced at Entsorga 2003 by the company I.S.T. GmbH. This system expands the ever-growing selection of high-quality rehabilitation equipment of the I.S.T. GmbH and the well known system has established itself.

The positioning of the packer is carried out using either an Power CUTTER 150 (a special adaptor and expansion kit for the robot camera are available as accessories) or with special push rods (in compliment with a camera robot) or by the Power CUTTER 200.

The system can be used to rehabilitate sewers ranging in diameter from DN 200 to DN 600 (8˝ - 24˝). The bladder that protrudes from the packer into the lateral is effective in DN 100, DN 125 and DN 150 (4˝ - 6˝) pipes. One and the same packer can be used; the bladder alone needs to be changed.

The attached lateral bladder is not integrated into the packer, which allows for easy positioning of the system. Furthermore, their separation allows for independent inflation of the packer and bladder so as to achieve optically flawless rehabilitation.

Using a special rubber mixture, “ Top Hats” can be inserted into joints with little to no wrinkling upon hardening.

The corresponding hats the system places are available in Advantex® glassfibre quality or as polyester-needled felt, either coated with polyurethane or left uncoated.

As far as resin is concerned, I.S.T. offers a very quickly hardening epoxy resin, Easy Pox 1504, as well as the high-quality silicate resin Easy Pur. Both resins have earned various testing and quality certifications as testimony to their effectiveness and quality.


The Top Hat System can be positioned excellently by a suitable robot, for example with the Power CUTTER 150 or 200.


The packer from DN 400 (16") are equipped with a pendulum suspension. Thereby the rotating of the packer in the pipe will be much easier.


The Top Hat controller allows a quick and simple operation through controlled inflation and deflation using the dual chamber system.

Easy Top Hat Movies

Watch the Easy Top Hat System in Action.

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